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Pooping can be a major problem post c-section, since it’s tough to push when your abdomen is tender and sore. Taking stool softeners after delivery will ease you back into your routine again—and make you a pretty happy camper in the process. Just remember to drink lots of water, and walk around as soon as you can, to keep your bowels awake. A lack of dietary fiber can contribute to constipation after a C-section. Fiber, although indigestible, provides bulk in your digestive tract to keep food moving through your body. It also absorbs water, helping to soften stools and make them easier to pass. You may be focused on your baby, but your body needs to heal after a C-section, too. Here’s what to expect after surgery, plus a few things you can do to heal faster. Hi I have had loose stool for a few days about a week after c section. Then I had none for a day and a half. I was admitted a day later for infection from c section and was on iv zosyn and have had loose stools again for 2 days.

It is a relief to see that it is normal to have the bowel pain after a c-section - I knew nothing of this. I don't have trouble with frequent bowel movements, but every time I have one which is usually daily I dread it because it is so painful and I bleed quite a bit. I thought at first. I had a c-section in 2012 and ever since then I get nauseous after eating, have either constipation or loose stools, and horrible acid reflux all which started a week after giving birth. I did have a tough time in the hospital and I have anxiety issues to begin with but this is now an everyday struggle. Harma et al. in a study on patients after cesarean section surgery showed that chewing gum shortened the time first intestinal movements started.12 In Ledari study, on 100 women candidates for cesarean section with local anesthesia spinal, in gum-chewing group, the first bowel sounds in post operative period after C. Section was significantly. Jan 24, 2011 · bowel problems after c-section. By Guest 111 posts. now after my daughter was born.I too had an emergency C-Section.When I firat came home from the hospital I was taking stool softeners like twice a day.Maybe 4-5 pills and it seem to help.Im thinkingabout doing it again,I guess it couldnt hurt.I am chronically constipated and am showing. Severe C. difficile infection may also cause severe intestinal inflammation, enlargement of the colon also called toxic megacolon and sepsis. People who have these conditions are often admitted to the intensive care unit. When to see a doctor. Some people have loose stools during or shortly after antibiotic therapy.

Overall, a cesarean delivery, commonly referred to as a cesarean section or C-section, is an extremely safe operation.Most of the serious complications associated with cesarean deliveries aren’t. Anyone get bad diarrhoea few days after a C-section?! 15 Posts. I haven't had a c section, but a srerillization operation, and have too suffered terrible diarrhoea, i thought it was down to all the pain killers and strss of someone messing about with my insides. insist they do a culture obtaining a stool sample should not be a problem.

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