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IF-THEN-ELSEIF-ELSE-END Behavior - Teradata Database.

Teradata Database SQL Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL.This form of IF executes the statements within the IF and ELSE bounds when conditional_expression evaluates to TRUE. Otherwise, the statements within the ELSE and END IF bounds execute. The IF, ELSEIF, ELSE and ENDIF commands are used to conditionally execute portions of the input script. An IF command can be used by itself to make a single instruction SI conditional by using a. IF-THEN-ELSEIF-ELSE-END Behavior.Teradata Database SQL Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL.1 The statements between the IF and ELSEIF boundaries execute when IF evaluates to TRUE. Control then passes to the statement following END IF. 2 The statements associated with each ELSEIF are evaluated for their truth value. SQL Teradata evaluation order of case when then else Hot Network Questions Team members' and manager's behaviour is indifferent after I announce my intention to leave in 8 months. Jun 14, 2011 · The Teradata database checks the WHEN conditions starting from the first one if it matches the selector value. The value that corresponds to the first match is returned. If no WHEN matches the selector, than the result specified by the ELSE clause expression is returned.

May 30, 2013 · Within Teradata SQL, it’s not called “IFTHEN”, it’s called “CASEWHEN”. For example, let’s say you had a list of orders and you wanted to count them in based on the dollar amount, into buckets of: $1-100, $101-$1000, and > $1000. 1 The statements between the IF and ELSEIF boundaries execute when IF evaluates to TRUE. Control then passes to the statement following END IF. 2 The statements associated with each ELSEIF are evaluated for their truth value. 3 When a statement associated with an ELSEIF evaluates to TRUE, then the statements within its. Jun 02, 2016 · ELSE Do a set of Insert, Updates; EXIT with a return code B; I am aware that a THEN in a.IF.THEN has to be followed by.EXIT But is there any way by which i can achieve this may be using.GOTO LABEL Note: I have done it by writing a function Unix, BTEQ mix and using it in the parent script but i am looking for some alternative ways.

SQL statement.IF ACTIVITYCOUNT =0 THEN.GOTO label1 ELSE.EXPORT DATA FILE = file_name Tags for BTEQ - If Else Command in Teradata if command in bteq teradata. Example: 2 The following example returns the home phone number of the named individual if present, or office phone if HomePhone is null, or CellPhone if present and both home and office phone values are null. Returns NULL if all three values are null. SELECT Name, COALESCE HomePhone, OfficePhone, cellPhone FROM PhoneDirectory; When a default value is provided, default value will be. Aug 25, 2017 · Using Teradata SQL: How to check if a table exists 25 Aug 2017. SQL Using. & How To's. If you're like me, there are times when you're running SQL that you neeed to drop a table and re-create it as a job runs through. Thorkil/Teradata Community "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data." - Arthur Conan Doyle. ] [ ELSE result ] END The result for the matching value is returned. If no match is found, the result from the ELSE clause is returned if it exists, otherwise null is returned. Teradata SQL CASE statement with Example. Teradata SQL CASE expression is used to check for various conditions sequentially and produce result depending on which condition is met first. If no condition is matched then TERADATA SQL CASE will result in output specified in ELSE clause. If ELSE clause is missing then, it will result in NULL as value.

Case Statement in Teradata. CASE statement is a conditional expression that used to evaluate the conditions or perform the equality comparisons against column values in Teradata. It goes through each condition and returns the value when the condition is met Like and IF-THEN-ELSE-Statement. Teradata SQL NULLIF expression is used for setting some specific value to NULL. It compares two values and if they match then returns NULL else returns the first value which is passed to it. Use Below Queries to test TERADATA SQL NULLIF expression yourself. SELECT EmployeeNo, CASE WHEN DepartmentNo = 1 THEN 'Admin' WHEN DepartmentNo = 2 THEN 'IT' ELSE 'Invalid Dept' END AS Department FROM Employee; COALESCE. COALESCE is a statement that returns the first non-null value of the expression. It returns NULL if all the arguments of the expression evaluates to NULL.

Teradata offers "CASE" statement to retrieve/update the results from a column of a table in a different way to promote the end user's understanding. Syntax: Applied on column2 SELECT column1, CASE column2 WHEN value1 THEN result1 WHEN value2 THEN result2 END FROM table The CASE functionality must meet END to operate for a table. to insert records in a table only if it is a new record else update the existing record. Many people give different possible solution for it. Some even suggests using some inbuilt functions specific to.

IFTHENELSE logic in Teradata SQL datastagetips.

SELECT cust_id, income, age, years_with_bank, nbr_children, gender, CASE marital_status WHEN 1 THEN 'Single' WHEN 2 THEN 'Married 'ELSE 'Not Sure'END AS marital_status FROM teradatapoint.customer; COALESCE in Teradata. COALESCE in Teradata is used for NULL handling. Mar 06, 2012 · Hi all, I am trying to implement an "IF THEN ELSE" condition in Bteq. Can some one help me with making necessary changes to the code. IF. I need to run my SQL code based on current date. if my current date is 1st day of the month it should return previous month data or else it should return current month till yesterday. based on this condition I need to assign upper and lower limit dates to my columns. I tried this using the case statement in. Nested Case statement in Teradata. Forget Code; Teradata; Nested Case statement Case statements can be nested i.e one case statement can be added inside another case statement, Syntax SELECT EmpID, CASE WHEN Emp_Type='Employee' THEN CASE EmpDesignation WHEN 'Software Engineer' THEN 25000500 WHEN 'Senior Engineer' THEN 350001000 WHEN 'Team. Redirecting to Community.

BTEQ - If Else Command in Teradata - Forget Code.

If a statement following a WHEN or ELSE clause raises an exception and the stored procedure contains a handler to handle the exception condition, the behavior is identical to exceptions occurring within an IF or WHILE statement. See “Statement‑Specific Condition Handling” on. Apr 22, 2015 · Depending of the result of Q1, the sequence of the bteq will be defined, if it goes to DoQuery1 or DoQuery2, but it's very important put de command.GOTO End to keep de estructure of the method IF-ELSE, if you don´t put it you can enter in a sequence where your code will process both Query´s first Q2 and then Q3. Teradata CASE function also is same like as Oracle case. CASE allows for conditional processing of returned rows. CASE returns a single result for each row processed. Each row is evaluated against each WHEN clause. First match returns a result for that row. If no match, ELSE result is produced for that row. Syntax: CASE value-expr WHEN expr1. Teradata - Logical and Conditional Operators - Teradata supports the following logical and conditional operators. These operators are used to perform comparison and combine multiple conditions.

Teradata WITH Clause is an optional clause that always precedes SELECT clause in the query statements. Each subquery in the WITH clause specifies a table name, an optional list of column names, and a query expression that evaluates to a table usually a SELECT statement. Nov 20, 2019 · In this article, we will check Teradata isnumeric function alternatives with some examples. We will also see how to check if string is numeric with an example. Teradata isnumeric Function. The relational databases such as SQL-Server supports isnumeric functions. But, as of now Teradata does not support is numeric function. BTEQ - If Else Command. BTEQ - INDICDATA. BTEQ - Inserting blank lines. BTEQ - LOGOFF. BTEQ - Changing the screen width. BTEQ - Changing the TDPID. BTEQ - Checking Teradata version. BTEQ - Commands for File control. BTEQ - Commands for Session control. BTEQ - FOLDLINE. BTEQ - Specify Multiple sessions. BTEQ - Specifying Sidetitles. Skip to page content Loading. Skip to page content.

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