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Tabitha Definition and Meaning - Bible Dictionary.

Tabitha [N] [H] [S] in Greek called Dorcas, gazelle, a disciple at Joppa. She was distinguished for her alms-deeds and good works. Peter, who was sent for from Lydda on the occasion of her death, prayed over the dead body, and said, "Tabitha, arise.". Tabitha, also commonly spelled as Tabetha, or Tabatha, /ˈtæbɨθə/ is an English language feminine given name, derived from an Aramaic word טביתא ṭabītā that means gazelle. It is a biblical name from Acts 9:36, in which Tabitha is a woman raised from the dead by Saint Peter. Tabitha /ˈtæbɪθə/ is an English language feminine given name, derived from an Aramaic word, טביתא ṭaḇīṯā "[female] gazelle", cf. Hebrew: צְבִיָּה‎ Tzviya classical ṣəḇīyāh.

Etymology and meaning of the name Tabitha According to the author of the Book of Acts, the name Tabitha means the same as Dorcas, which means gazelle. This makes it likely that the name Tabitha originates in the Aramaic word טביא tabya , meaning deer of gazelle. What does the name Tabitha mean? Learn about the name Tabitha: meaning, origin, popularity, and more! Explore thousands of baby names at Disney Family. Means “gazelle” in Aramaic. Tabitha in the New Testament was a woman restored to life by Saint Peter. Her name is translated into Greek as Dorcas see Acts 9:36. As an English name, Tabitha became common after the Protestant Reformation. The name Tabitha is of Aramaic and English origin. The meaning of Tabitha is "gazelle". Tabitha is generally used as a girl's name. It consists of 7 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced Ta-bi-tha. The name Tabitha means Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament Acts 9:36 was noted for good works. in Hebrew. The history of Tabitha originates from a Hebrew background. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Tabitha and over 40,000 other names.

Tabitha Name Meaning

Apr 27, 2016 · Ac 9:36, 39 “Dorcas” corresponds to the Aramaic “Tabitha,” both names meaning “Gazelle.” Possibly Dorcas was known by both names, as it was not uncommon then for Jews, especially those living in a seaport such as Joppa with its mixed population of Jews and Gentiles, to have a Hebrew name as well as a Greek or Latin name. T abita as a girls' name has its root in Aramaic, and the meaning of Tabita is "gazelle". Tabita is a version of Tabitha Aramaic. Biblical: the Aramaic name of Dorcas. STARTS/ENDS WITH Ta-, -ta. Animal, Biblical, English, Name Collection, Vintage 0 Tabitha name meaning, origin, and more The girl’s name Tabitha is a English name from Aramaic meaning: “gazelle”. The name Tabitha is borne by a woman in the New Testament, its Greek name equivalent is Dorcas.

TABITHA Name Meaning, Origin of TABITHA Name, Popularity.

Origin and Meaning of Tabitha. A user from Ghana says the name Tabitha is of Hebrew origin and means "Gazelle". According to a user from West Virginia, United States, the name Tabitha is of English origin and means "Beauty". The name Tabitha is an Biblical baby name. In Biblical origin the meaning of name Tabitha is: Gazelle. The gazelle was anciently regarded as a symbolr of graceful beauty.

Tabitha - Meaning Of Tabitha, What Does Tabitha Mean?

What Does Name "Tabitha" Mean You like to control everyone within your influence, to shape things to your own liking. If positive, you develop high spirituality, as you have a God's protection. You are sensitive, affectionate, imaginative and cooperative, spiritually aware and prone to self-sacrifice. You can keep secrets and are a good diplomat.

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