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Discus Care Sheet.

What Do Wild Discus Eat?Discus Fish Facts. The discus fish belongs to the family Cichlidae,.Natural Habitat. Discus fish are naturally found in the Amazon River region of South America.Wild Discus Fish Diet. In the wild, discus fish feed primarily on zooplankton.Feeding in Captivity. The. They indulge in live food like invertebrates and their larvae. Some species of the discus fish prefer to consume plants as well. These fish like to feed in small portions throughout the day instead of one large meal at a time. To ensure that you provide optimal care to the discus fish in the aquarium.

In nature discus eat a considerable amount of plant material and detritus, but also forage along the bottom looking for worms and small crustaceans. They are omnivores and will thrive on Aqueon Tropical Flakes, Color Flakes, Spirulina flakes, Tropical Granules, Algae Rounds and Shrimp Pellets. The discus can dispel water at foods resting on the bottom of the tank and then pick it up as it float upwards. After their main feeding, they will search for leftovers at the bottom of the tank and clean up the leftovers for up to an hour. Therefore keep a close eye on the food quantity. In the wild, Discus fish eat live food, such as worms, bugs and perhaps even other smaller fish. In your tank, you have a greater variety of food to select from. In general, you discus are best suited being feed live foods, as it is very close to what they would eat in nature.

If you have been feeding them with red worms or beef heart, they would not like to eat flake, pellets or dry food. If you need to feed them with flake then you must train them to eat flake. Feed them when they are very hungry. Discus will eat pellets or dry food. Discus fish can feed on basically anything which can include fish flakes, pellets, and frozen or even live food. The best food for your discus fish would be a variety of foods in order for them to get all the nutrients necessary for their growth. Apr 25, 2010 · My dad is thinking about trying to do a discus tank but I know that they are extremely expensive and are sensitive to water conditions. But I was wondering what they eat and what the minimum size tank they require. Thanks! Jul 17, 2011 · What vegetables do Discus eat? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you. Amano shrimp are good algae eaters and will do well with discus. Discus are not as finicky and sensitive as people suggest. With regular water changes, good diet, proper pH, and water quality, discus will grow and be happy. I have kept discus for many years now with all types of fish.

Best Discus Fish Food for Growth, Breeding and Health.

Some discus can be fussy eaters, but generally they will eat any fish food that is presented to them as long as it is varied: Essentially discus will eat anything from flaked food, pellets, beefheart, live food, frozen food and virtually anything else that will give them the nutrients they require. In aquariums, discus fish eat lots of meaty meals, such as bloodworms, earthworms, brine shrimp, white worms and mosquito larvae. They also feed on cyanobacteria such as spirulina, which helps intensify their coloration. Discus fish generally consume flakes handily, but.

The added benefit is the Discus will eat more and go through a noticeable growing spurt after the heat treatment. You can set up a smaller hospital tank which might be easier to heat. Heat it up to 94 degrees and leave the Discus fish in the warm aquarium for 4 days. Discus fish, when ready to breed, tend to protect their eggs. They even fan the eggs so that they are well aerated. Some of the eggs are unfertilized. The discus fish eat their unfertilized eggs as these can spread diseases to the healthy eggs. Unsafe environment. Perhaps the discus fish has decided that the aquarium is not fit for the young fish.

May 25, 2016 · 50 videos Play all Mix - What to feed Discus !? Everything you need to know ! YouTube. 🐟discus. 🐠 the good vs the bad; and how to tell stunted vs healthy discus in the fish room!

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