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Saponification value - Wikipedia.

Unsaponifiable matter is a nonglyceridic substance in vegetable oils which is inert to alkaline treatment and nonvolatile at 80 oven temperature. It is a variable mixture of hydrocarbons, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, sterols, pigments, and fat-soluble vitamins which may occur naturally or may be formed during processing or degradation of the fat MouraFe et al., 1975. Unsaponifiable matters have varying effects: Conservation and stability e.g. lignans, tocopherols, tocotrienols, anti-inflammatory properties triterpene alcohols, cholesterol-lowering sterols, well tolerated occlusive effect on the skin squalene. Unsaponifiable. Unsaponifiables are components of an oily oil, fat, wax mixture that fail to form soaps when treated with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Since saponifiable components of the original oil mixture do form soaps, the result of a soap making procedure is a mixture of soaps and other, frequently oily, materials. Note 1 to entry: The unsaponifiable matter includes lipids of natural origin such as sterols, higher hydrocarbons and alcohols, aliphatic and terpenic alcohols, as well as any foreign organic matter extracted by the solvent and not volatile at 103 °C e.g. mineral oils that may be present. An inversion of the existing methods for the determination of unsaponifiable matter in oils and fats is proposed. The modified procedure consists in saponifying a 2–2.5 g sample of oil or fat with 2 mol l –1 ethanolic potassium hydroxide solution, dissolving the resultant mixture in 50 ml of pure cyclohexane.

The unsaponifiable matter of olive-pomace oil contains more alcoholic compounds than that of virgin or refined olive oils, and its iodine value is therefore lower than that normally noted in virgin or refined olive oils, and its melting point is higher. The biological significance of the unsaponifiable matter of oils.Fish-liver oils. The Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, University College, London, and the Department of Experimental Pathology and Cancer Research, University of Leeds.

Unsaponifiable matter USM consists of minor components accompanying triacylglycerols sterols, tocopherols, lipopigments and hydrocarbons and makes up 0.5–2.5%, exceptionally 5–6% of vegetable oils Bockisch, 1993, Elmadfa, 1995, Niewiadomski, 1984. The unsaponifiable matter in oils and fats, which consists mainly of hydrocarbons, sterols and aliphatic alcohols of high molecular mass, serves for the identification of oils and fats and for the detection of incidental and intentional impurities. e.g., falsification with mineral oils. I've always suspected that "unsaponifiable" actually means in practice "all the stuff that's left behind after we turn the oil into soap". Turning reaction byproducts into cosmetic materials isn't a new idea - it's been done for decades, at the very least. 1.1This test method covers the determination of the unsaponifiable, nonvolatile above 80°C matter existing in a sample of sulfated oil by saponifying the desulfated fatty matter and extracting the unsaponifiable matter, and extracting the unsaponifiable matter from the soap solution with ethyl ether.

Modified method for the determination of unsaponifiable.

Maize-germ oil high in unsaponifiable matter is produced by vacuum distillation and it is different from refined maize-germ oil in the concentration of the unsaponifiable fraction 1.2 g in refined maize-germ oil and 10 g in ‘maize-germ oil high in unsaponifiable matter ’. Components of Unsaponifiable Matter of Rice Bran Oil 181 unsaponifiable matter are numerous, and in­ clude various hydrocarbons, higher alcohols, sterols, ferulic acid esters, and a hitherto unreported type of substance. EXPERIMENTAL The rice bran oil used in this study was obtained. Hydrocarbons, alcohols and sterols were separated from unsaponifiable matter UNS by column chromatography c.c. on Florisil and characterised by gas-liquid chromatography g.l.c. Hydrocarbons ranged from the C-17 to C-32 straight chain homologs and squalene. Small amounts of iso- and/or anteiso and branched chain hydrocarbons were found.

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